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Galina Rabinovich
Galina Rabinovich, a PhD student at the Department of General History,
University of Haifa, is working on her research project entitled "Discourses
of the justification of violence in early Christianity." She delves into cruelty
and violence, regarding them as umbrella terms that cover a variety of
complex phenomena. Her focus is not solely on cruelty and violence
themselves, but rather on the unique discourse associated with them. The
study allows us to rethink and redefine given concepts of violence and
cruelty as a socially constructed and discursively conditioned
phenomenon. Her PhD research is conducted under the direction of Dr.
Moshe Blidstein at Haifa University. This year, she participated in the
Annual Conference of the Israel Society for the Promotion of Classical
Study.  During the Early Career Researcher's Workshop, she presented a
lecture titled "Persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire:  historical
context versus discursive reality."

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