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Hussam Elias

Hussam has a Master Degree in Sociology, The Faculty of Sociology, The
Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Currently he’s a doctoral student at the Department of Sociology, The
University of Haifa. His research is on identity formation of Arab Christian
youth in Israel. 
Hussam works as the Executive Secretary of the Nazareth-based
International Christian Committee in Israel (ICCI), an affiliate of the Middle
East Council of Churches, which promotes interfaith and bi-national
dialogue between the different national and religious groups in Israel. He
also co-directed the former Dialogue and Identity schools program, which
worked with tens of schools in the Galilee and the center of Israel, and
currently directs the Bases of Partnership, school program, as part of the
Rossing Center for Education and Dialogue,
Throughout his professional career, Hussam has more than 20 years of
practical experience in community projects designed to promote mutual
understanding and tolerance between different religious and national
groups, and had participated in international conferences, workshops, and
delegations promoting mutual understanding and interfaith.  Hussam lives
in Kafr Kana in the Galilee.

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