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Iman Abu Kishak

PhD student in the Arabic Department at Bar Ilan University. Her PhD
   dissertation deals with the issue of God's descriptions (Zafat Allah) and
 the image of God to his creatures (Tashbiyyah) in the theological thought 
of Abu Abdullah al-Qartabi (d. 1272/671) through a comparative study of
two important works he authored:  Al-Asna fi Sharh Asma' Allah Al-
Hasna and Zafat Al-Allah ([the most exalted essay regarding the 
interpretation of the most beautiful names of God) and Al-Jamae 
Laahkam al-Qaraan wa al-Alambin lama tachmana min alsana wa
ai al-farqan (the comprehensive collection of the rules of the Koran,  
clarifying the hadiths and verses of the Koran) under the guidance of Dr.
Livnat Holtzman. Iman is also an Arabic teacher and translator and a
national instructor for the Arabic language in the adult education

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