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Prof. Karin Carmit Yafe
Research Fellow
Prof. Karin Carmit Yafe is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Law at Haifa University.   
 She is also a member of the Israeli Young Academy and the Global Young Academy (GYA)
 that includes the world's 200 leading young scientists in all fields of knowledge,
 committed to harnessing science for the benefit of society.
 She joined the faculty of Haifa University after completing her  LLM and PhD
 in Law at Yale University as a Fulbright fellow,  and LLB and LLM at
 Bar-Ilan University's honors program (with distinction, and first-of-her-class).
Prof. Yefet is an expert in Family Law, Law and Gender, Orientalism and Law, and Sexuality and Law.
 Her academic research engages in critical analysis of the interface between religion,
 gender and law using feminist, constitutional and comparative tools.
 She interned at the Supreme Court with the Honorable Judge Jacob Turkel, served as a Senior Advisor
 to the Public Committee who investigated the maritime incident,
 regarding Israel's compliance with the rules of international humanitarian law,
 and recently was chosen to advise the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry
 of Foreign Affairs on issues of Family Law and women's rights,
 among other things in formulating the State Report submitted as part of the
 Universal Periodic Review to the UN Human Rights Council.
Prof. Yefet's academic research has been published in leading journals in Israel
 and the US and has earned her over the years a series of merit scholarships,
competitive research grants and notable  accolades, including the Bar Association Award,
 the Israel Knesset Award and the University Heads' Committee Award,
 the Rector's Awards from Bar-Ilan University , the Cegla Student Paper Prize for the outstanding
article in Hebrew on behalf of Tel Aviv University, The Cheshin Prize for young researchers
 on behalf of the Hebrew University, the Dusty and Eti Miller Prize
 for the outstanding young researcher, from the Haifa University,
 the Eliyahu Gutman Prize for an outstanding article, on behalf of the Israel Sociological Association,
 the Gurney Award for young researchers in the field of public law,
 from the Association for Public Law in Israel, the Ziv Award for an outstanding article,
 on behalf of the Association for Medicine and Law In Israel,
 a commendable lecturer award and competitive research grants from the Ministry of Science,
 the National Science Foundation (ISF), the Israel Institute,
 the Center for Jewish and Democratic Law of Bar-Ilan University,
 and the Foundation for the Advancement of Humanities and
 Social Sciences from the Israel National Academy of Sciences.
 Her research articles won international essay competitions, including twice in the
 Harry Krause Emerging Family Law Scholars Workshop competition,
 the International Junior Faculty Forum competition, on behalf of Stanford and
 Pennsylvania Universities, and in a young researchers workshop,
 on behalf of the University of Michigan. Her/article on the Constitutional Aspects of the
 Right to Marital Freedom was selected for the prestigious
 Constitutional Law Series edited by Mark Tushnet ,Paul Craig, and Catherine Mackinnon
 as one of the "most important and influential writers" on the subject
of the Constitution and Gender.

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