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Prof. Uriel Simonsohn
Head of the Haifa Laboratory for Religions Studies


Uriel Simonsohn is Associate Professor in the Department of Middle Eastern

and Islamic Studies at the University of Haifa and the founding director

of the Haifa Laboratory for Religious Studies. His work is concerned

with the social intersections of diverse religious communities in the medieval Islamic world,

whether through human agency or institutional arrangements. 

He is the author of A Common Justice: The Legal Allegiances of Christians and Jews under Early Islam (Pennsylvania UP, 2011)

and of Female Power and Religious Change in the Medieval Near East (Oxford UP, 2023).

He is also co-editor of Jews, Christians and Muslims in Medieval and Early Modern Times:

A Festschrift in Honor of Mark R. Cohen (Brill, 2014), 

The Family in Late Antiquity: Patterns and Perceptions Across Traditions (Bialik, 2019); 

Conversion to Islam in the Premodern Age: A Sourcebook (University of California UP, 2020),

and has written numerous articles and book chapters.

A full list of his publications and further information about his academic work can be found here.

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